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Close up of ministry booklet with "You Are Loved" on front.





Discovering our church for the first time? Below you can find some answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

Grace Unlimited student ministry members holding white banner stating "we love our campus workers" with Buter University campus employees for local campus event.
LGBTQ+ affirming student ministry, Grace Unlimited, sets up for worship.


Our worship services contain elements from traditional liturgies in both the ELCA and Episcopal traditions. The service begins with readings, as outlined in the lectionary, followed by a brief homily. Services also include the Prayers of the People, the Lord's Prayer, the Nicene Creed, and the exchanging of The Peace. Worship concludes with the Holy Eucharist (communion), to which all are welcome, and the post-communion prayer and blessing.

If you are new to the ELCA and/or Episcopal church liturgy, know that you are welcome to participate in as much or as little as feels comfortable to you, including the Eucharist. Bulletins and instruction are provided during the service to guide you, and questions are always welcome.


Come as you are: dress up or dress down. Business suits, jeans, shorts, and sandals are all fine. The colorful vestments worn by the clergy are visual reminders, symbolism of art and action working together to remind us that we are part of something much greater: a tradition that began before us and will continue after us.

Grace Unlimited student ministry members posing at block party booth.


You are! Our meetings, worship services, and events are open to all who want to join us. Whether you are a long-time member of the Episcopal or Lutheran faith communities or a student who knows nothing about either tradition and is curious to learn more, we would love to have you with us.


Both faith traditions are LGBTQ+ affirming and believe God loves all of us for exactly who we are. No one will ever be turned away due to their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

Butler University's student group, Grace Unlimited table top display with worship information on it featured at block party event.


As an Episcopal-Lutheran campus ministry, the liturgy and teachings during our worship service reflect the theology and creeds of both religious traditions. That said, participants are not expected to be fully aligned with the beliefs and perspectives of our two faith traditions in order to be part of our community. Grace Unlimited is a safe space for those who have theological questions and doubts.


We don't claim to have all the answers (we call it the mystery of faith, after all), but we do love to discussions multiple theological perspectives and insights. Please know that participation in Grace Unlimited will never include feeling pressured into a particular belief structure; your personal beliefs are just that - personal.


If any part of a worship service makes you feel uncomfortable or does not align with your personal faith practice, you are welcome to abstain from it; this may include refraining from reading a prayer, not reciting a creed, or choosing not to take communion. We want to you to participate in as much or as little feels comfortable to you on your faith journey.

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